Emma  Emma was born in January 12th, 2015 in Qingdao, China. She is a female Scottish Fold with pretty silver tabby coat of American Shorthair Cats. Emma is cheery and naughty, whereas she gets on very well with her master, ‘Big Clumsy Cat’. They enjoy their happy life together everyday.

Emma  Emma出生于2015年1月12日的中国青岛,是一只雌性的苏格兰折耳猫,拥有美国短毛猫漂亮的银色虎斑外衣。Emma生性活波,调皮捣蛋,但和其主人“大笨猫”和睦相处,每一天都过得非常愉快。


Big Clumsy Cat  Emma said, ‘In the eyes of cats, a person is just a big and clumsy cat.’ As a result, I am Big Clumsy Cat. My name is Alex and I am the servant of Emma. I like cats since my childhood. I like their round heads, big eyes, swift and violent movements, the desire to explore with curiosity, mysterious thinking and free and independent nature. ‘Click Me’ and then you will watch my first meeting with Emma.

On the website, ‘I am Emma’, the daily life of Emma and me had been recorded. In the YouTube channel, the series of ‘Daily’ presents the video about Emma’s daily activities. And in the other series ‘I am Emma’, Emma had become a magical cat who can speak, think and play tricks。

I hope every friend who had visited ‘I am Emma’ would have got happiness from our website.

大笨猫  Emma说,“在喵星人眼中,人类就是一只又大又笨的猫而已”,所以,我就是大笨猫,我是Alex,Emma的铲屎官。我从小就喜欢猫,喜欢它们圆圆的脑袋,大大的眼睛,矫健迅猛的身姿,充满好奇的探索,神秘的思想,以及自由与独立的性格。“点击我”可以看到我与Emma的首次相遇。

在“I am Emma”网站上,记录了Emma与我的日常生活,在YouTube频道中,“日常”系列呈现了Emma平时生活的影片,而“我是Emma”系列中,Emma则变成了一只会说话,会思考,会恶作剧的神奇猫咪。

我希望每一位光临“I am Emma”网站的朋友们,都能从这里得到快乐。


Big Clumsy Dog  Big Clumsy Dog is the guest star in the series ‘I am Emma’, is a soft toy for decoration of our home. He can not speak, apart from ‘…’.

大笨狗  大笨狗是客串于“我是Emma”系列中的一只装饰狗,不会说话,只会“……”。


Little Turtle  Little Turtle is Emma’s toy. Emma likes Little Turtle and her way to express it is to bite, kick and hold it like a pillow when she gets tired. Little Turtle also likes Emma, so it will not let her alone.

小龟  小龟是Emma的玩偶。Emma喜欢小龟,其表现方式就是咬一咬,踹一踹,累了就当成一个抱枕。小龟也喜欢Emma,从来不离不弃。