Words from Big Clumsy Cat 01 First Meeting 大笨猫有话说 01 首次相遇

When I met Emma for the first time, she was still in her mother’s belly, Kitty-Mammy stood on a cat-climbing-frame higher than me and looked at me. It seems that she was checking if the future master for her child fully qualified or not.

A few weeks later after Emma’s birth, I was approved by the master of Kitty-Mammy to visit them. When I saw Emma for the first time, she was curling into a ball with the other three siblings and they all appeared as silver tabby cat. The master told me there was only one girl, so Emma could be found by being turned around and observed.

At the first meeting, little Emma was as big as my single hand. When Emma laid down in my palms with sleepy eyes and warm temperature, I desired to take her home immediately! But Kitty-Mammy stayed close to us and kept starring at me. If I dared to do something improper, she would scratch me with her paw at once to protect her child. Finally I had to return little Emma to the group of her siblings, and Kitty-Mammy also went to check little Emma. At that moment, Kitty-Daddy was sleeping…

Generally a kitten should not be taken away from her parents and siblings too soon after birth. She should also learn the acknowledge for her cat-life, and practice her hunting skills by playing with and chasing her siblings! In this period, I utilized the time to prepare a new home for Emma. When everything got ready, it was nearly two months later after Emma was born and I brought Emma home! I record the scene when Emma entered her new home first time, as the second video in this blog(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4CCmMrc5Uc). It is really the true reactions of Emma for the first entry into the new home! Henceforth, the new life of Emma started, and also the blog was established.

Today is the 12th of January, which is Emma’s birthday. Emma is one year old~ Happy Birthday to Emma! And we are very grateful for all the love and concerns to Emma from friends around the world. At last thank you for supporting Emma’s blog and YouTube Channel!






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She is beautiful and Big Clumsy Cat’s English is excellent. I will follow you.

Edit Sara

Emma and his servant are so beautiful pair. I love you both;-)))