Words from Big Clumsy Cat 02 New Website 大笨猫有话说 02 新网站


When the first blog was issued, Emma was a baby cat and only about 2 months old. Now Emma has grown up to be an adult cat, and the website is going to be rearranged for the first time.

On the new website, there are better functions of searching, anonymous comments, sharing and translating into multiple languages. I wish everyone browsing the website ‘I am Emma’ can feel happier due to the improved browsing experience.

Please follow Emma’s website: https://www.iamemma.me



在新的网站上,拥有更好的搜索,更好的匿名评论和分享按钮,以及全球语言的翻译功能。我希望每一位浏览“I am Emma”网站的朋友们,都能感受到比之前更好的浏览体验和快乐。