Live – Typhoon is coming / 台风来了

Dear friends, this weekend, Qingdao will be attacked by typhoon Lekima. I will protect Emma. I will update this post every few hours to show the weather or the latest situation of Emma, so please don’t worry, we are fine.

10th, 1:20 pm

The typhoon is still far away, but the wind is getting stronger.


10th, 7:40 pm

Well, this way Emma will not be blown away by the typhoon. ?


10th, 11:20 pm

It’s raining, Emma can’t sleep, do I need to sing a lullaby for her? Good night, my friend, see you tomorrow.



11th, 7:30 am


Good morning, my friends. Emma always wakes up earlier than me.



11th, 8:40 am

The center of the typhoon is expected to land in Qingdao around 7 pm today. It is still raining now, and the wind is very strong.



11th, 10:35 am


After Emma had a full meal, she squatted on the floor and looked at the storm outside. I hope she would not order me to go out for a run…???



11th, 1:10 pm

It’s windy and rainy outside, is Emma concerned about the safety of Little Sparrow? I hope that the small animals outside will find a safe place to avoid the typhoon. Emma is going to sleep later, and may not get up until around 6 pm.



11th, 5:10 pm

With a brief calm, Emma can sleep well.



11th, 10:05 pm

My friends, the typhoon has already landed in Qingdao, but it has weakened a lot. At present, there is not much wind outside, but there is a strong fog. It is expected that there will still be rain at night and tomorrow, but it will not be so strong. Emma and I are safe, thank you very much for everyone who cares about us. No matter where you are in the world, Emma and I deeply feel your love, thank you very much. ?



— The End —

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Marilyn Decarle

Please make sure you have plenty of provisions ~ I have seen in the media, in places where Lekima has been felt, there is quite severe flooding ~meow

Marilyn Decarle

Please make sure you have plenty of food and water ~ I have seen in the media, where Lekima has been already felt, there is quite severe flooding :o(