Bad News – Facebook Review / Facebook的审核

Sorry, my friends, Facebook is reviewing my account, which prevents me from logging in and can’t update Emma’s homepage. I hope that Facebook will complete the review as soon as possible, and I will restart the update of Emma’s homepage.


On October 30th, Facebook notified that I need to review my account. On October 31st, my account was deactivated. What a terrible Halloween!

I submitted my ID on request, but I have not received a reply. I will wait for a week. If I still can’t log in to Facebook after one week, I will continue to publish Emma’s daily photos on Instagram. Please pay attention to Emma’s Instagram (

Emma has its own website and can contact us there ( .

Because I can’t contact any Emma fans on Facebook, if you can, please help me tell other Emma fans, thank you.

10月30日,Facebook通知我需要审查我的帐户。 10月31日,我的帐户被停用。 多么可怕的万圣节!

我根据要求提交了ID,但未收到回复。 我要等一个星期。 如果一个星期后仍无法登录Facebook,我将继续在Instagram上发布Emma的每日照片。 请关注Emma的Instagram(。



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Carol Hopkins

We miss you Emma! I can’t believe Facebook is reviewing your page. You are loved. I notice some of your videos are missing on your blog. They aren’t messing with your blog are they??

Carol Hopkins

Emma and Alex, I am trying to help spread the word!! . I have posted your story to the groupCats Cats and Even More Cats. Let me know if you need me to tell anyone else You can reply here and I will keep looking here Love ❤️ you!

Carol Hopkins

Are you and Emma back on Facebook yet? Have you heard from them?

Carol Hopkins

That’s so sad. I didn’t know they could disable members forever. I joined Instagram. I hope you continue with your blog or Instagram. Miss you!! Meow ….