Photo – Little Turtle On The Back / 背上的小龟

26. June 2017 Photo 0
Emma: ‘I feel a lot of pressure. ’ Emma:“感觉好有压力。” Emma: ‘Is it a psychological effect? ’ Emma:“是心理作用吗?” Emma: ‘Well, maybe I am too suspicious. ’ Emma:“算了,可能是我多疑了。” About the Little Turtle, please see here: 关于小龟,请看这里:

Photo – Peaceful Sleeping Pose / 安详的睡姿

21. June 2017 Photo 0
Emma sometimes sleeps in the quilt and hide herself there. But she hasn’t hidden well as her head and front paws are still exposed. The front paws are crossed in a lovely way. The sleeping pose is peaceful and very cute. I have taken the chance to take some photos. It’s lucky that Emma was ...

Photo – Looks Like A Cushion / 看起来像个靠垫

16. June 2017 Photo 0
Emma is sleeping. Emma睡着了。 Curl herself into a cushion. 把自己卷成了一个靠垫。 Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Hey, Emma, you looks like a cushion. ’ 大笨猫:“嘿,Emma,你看起来像一个靠垫。” Emma: ‘Go away! Don’t disturb my sleep! ’ Emma:“走开!不要妨碍我睡觉!”

Photo – Whose Footprint? / 谁的脚印?

06. June 2017 Photo 0
Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, is this your footprint? ’ 大笨猫:“Emma,这是你的脚印吗?” Emma: ‘Huh? ’ Emma:“啥?” Photo of Criminal Scene 作案现场照 Emma: ‘Ah! You find it out! ’ Emma:“啊!被你发现了!”

Photo – Wait For Order All The Time / 随时待命

31. May 2017 Photo 0
Emma: ‘Little Turtle, let’s play. ’ Emma:“小龟,我们来玩。” Emma: ‘Ah! Little Turtle falls down. ’ Emma:“呀!小龟掉下去了。” Emma: ‘Too bad, what should I do? ’ Emma:“大事不好,怎么办?” Emma: ‘Hey! Big Clumsy Cat. ’ Emma:“嘿!大笨猫。” Emma: ‘Big Clumsy Cat, can you help me to pick up Little Turtle? ’ Emma:“大笨猫,你可以帮我捡起小龟吗?” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, can you pick it up ...

Photo – I Need Sunshine And Sunscreen / 我需要阳光以及防晒油

26. May 2017 Photo 0
Emma: ‘It’s very comfortable to sleep under sunshine! ’ Emma:“在阳光下睡觉真舒服啊!” Emma: ‘Huh? Why is it getting dark? ’ Emma:“咦?为什么暗了下来?” Emma: ‘Sunshine? Where are you? I need you, come back please! ’ Emma:“阳光?你在哪?我需要你,快回来!” Emma: ‘Very nice, sunshine, my darling. ’ Emma:“好乖,阳光,我的宝贝。” Emma: ‘Continue enjoying warm sunshine. ’ Emma:“继续享受温暖的阳光。” Emma: ‘Do I need some sunscreen to protect ...