Photo – How To Annoy Emma / 惹恼Emma

13. May 2017 Photo 0
Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, do you hide yourself into the quilt for sleep again? ’ 大笨猫:“Emma,你又藏进被窝睡觉了?” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Why do you always expose a small paw outside? ’ 大笨猫:“为什么总是露出一只小爪在外面?” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Remove the quilt to have a look. ’ 大笨猫:“掀开被子看看。” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Hey, Emma, do you sleep well? ’ 大笨猫:“嘿,Emma,睡的好吗?” Emma: ‘Big ...

Photo – White Chin / 洁白的下巴

08. May 2017 Photo 0
Emma likes to sleep with her head lying on the ground. Emma睡觉的时候喜欢头朝着地睡。 I aways suspect if her head is uncomfortable with this sleeping pose. 我一直在想,这种睡姿,脑袋不难受吗? But Emma may display her white chin in this sleeping pose. 不过这样睡,Emma会露出洁白的下巴。 When she is sleeping, it’s very pleasant to touch her white chin. 趁她睡着的时候,摸一摸洁白的下巴真的很舒服。 Emma: ‘Big Clumsy Cat, you ...

Photo – Curly Beards / 弯曲的胡子

04. May 2017 Photo 0
Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, where are you? ’ 大笨猫:“Emma,你在哪?” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘A small paw. ’ 大笨猫:“一只小爪。” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Hey! Emma, what are you hiding here for? ’ 大笨猫:“嘿!Emma,你藏在这里干嘛?” Emma: ‘Go away! Big Clumsy Cat, didn’t you see? ’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘What should I see? ’ Emma:“走开!大笨猫,难道你没看到吗?” 大笨猫:“看到什么?” Emma: ‘My beards, my beards ...

Photo – Is Emma Sleeping? / Emma睡着了吗?

30. April 2017 Photo 0
Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma is going to sleep. ’ 大笨猫:“Emma要睡了。” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Why does she wake up? ’ 大笨猫:“怎么又醒了?” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Sleepy. ’ 大笨猫:“困了。” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Eyes are going to close. ’ 大笨猫:“眼睛要闭上了。” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma is sleeping. ’ 大笨猫:“Emma睡着了。” Emma: ‘I’m kidding, I haven’t fallen into sleep~ ’ Big Clumsy ...

Photo – Strange Pillow / 奇怪的枕头

15. April 2017 Photo 0
Emma: ‘Sleep. ’ Emma:“睡觉。” Emma: ‘Don’t pat me on my belly! ’ Emma:“不要拍我的肚子!” Emma: ‘Go on sleeping…I feel a little uncomfortable on my face… ’ Emma:“继续睡觉……感觉脸有点不舒服……” Emma: ‘Big Clumsy Cat, get a pillow for me. ’ Emma:“大笨猫,给我拿个枕头。” Emma: ‘It’s much more comfortable now~ ’ Emma:“这下舒服多了~” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, do you really feel comfortable? ’ ...

Photo – Don’t Stand Up / 不可以站起来

11. April 2017 Photo 0
Emma: ‘Sleep on the bookshelf. ’ Emma:“在书架上睡觉。” Emma: ‘Not only high position. ’ Emma:“不仅地势高。” Emma: ‘Far sight. ’ Emma:“看得远。” Emma: ‘But also look down to Big Clumsy Cat by the way~ ’ Emma:“还可以顺便蔑视下大笨猫~” Emma: ‘Ah! Who does allow you to stand up? You break the rule, Big Clumsy Cat! Don’t stand up! Sit down! ’ ...

Photo – Unfamiliar Footsteps / 陌生的脚步声

07. April 2017 Photo 0
Emma: ‘Ah? What’s the sound? ’ Emma:“咦?什么声音?” Emma: ‘Louder and louder, the sound is very strange. ’ Emma:“越来越响,好奇怪的声音?” Emma: ‘Ah! It gets closer, what is the sound? ’ Emma:“啊!近了,到底是什么声音?” Emma: ‘Don’t come to me!!! ’ Emma:“不要过来!!!” Emma: ‘The sound gets lower, it might leave. But what is the sound? ’ Emma:“声音小了,可能走开了。不过,到底是什么声音呢?” If someone unfamiliar passes ...

Photo – A Good Place For Sleeping / 一个睡觉的好地方

29. March 2017 Photo 0
Emma: ‘Zzzzzzz. ’ Emma: ‘Zzzzzzz。’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Hey! Emma! ’ Emma: ‘Did I hear someone called me. ’ 大笨猫:“嘿!Emma!” Emma:“好像听到有人在叫我。” Emma: ‘Where is he? ’ Emma:“在哪里?” Emma: ‘Where is he? ’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Underneath here. ’ Emma:“在哪里?” 大笨猫:“在下面。” Emma: ‘Oh, it’s Big Clumsy Cat, what’s up? ’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Don’t sleep on ...

Photo – Come Out, Big Clumsy Cat!!! / 大笨猫出来!!!

25. March 2017 Photo 0
Emma: ‘Hey! Big Clumsy Cat, let’s play together. ’ Emma:“嘿!大笨猫,一起玩吧。” Emma: ‘Ah! don’t leave! ’ Emma:“啊!你不要走啊!” Emma: ‘Big Clumsy Cat!!! ’ Emma:“大笨猫!!!” Emma: ‘Big Clumsy Cat! Come out!!! ’ Emma:“大笨猫!出来啊!!!” Emma: ‘Ah! You are here, can you play with me? ’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘OK…if you stop calling me! ’ Emma:“啊!你在这,一起玩吧?” 大笨猫:“好吧……只要你别再喊我啦!”