Daily 60 Emma Catching Moth / 日常 60 Emma抓蛾子

07. October 2018 Daily, 日常 0
A moth flied into our home and invaded Emma’s airspace. Because it took the advantage of height, Emma who can’t fly had to stay on the ground and lock on it. She followed the moth everywhere hurriedly, from the floor to the rail, for the possibility of catching the moth. But she couldn’t get it, so she shake her tail with anxiety and kept ‘meowing’. After that, the moth flied to the bathroom and Emma followed it, but she still could not catch it. She sounded as ‘HmmmAhhhhh’ for anxiety. Eventually, the moth was eliminated by me, Big Clumsy Cat. When Emma saw the invader was eliminated, she could finally lie down and have a rest.

Because the camera was held by hand, some sections were recorded with shaking. If it made you feel uncomfortable, please forgive me.



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