Photo – Pretend She Can’t See It / 假装看不见

23. December 2016 Photo 0
Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, look, a mouse! ’ 大笨猫:“Emma,看,一只老鼠!” Emma: ‘What! A mouse? ’ Emma:“什么!老鼠?” Emma: ‘Where is it? ’ Emma:“在哪?” Emma: ‘I can’t find it! ’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Is it true that you didn’t see it, or did you pretend that? ’ Emma:“没找到!” 大笨猫:“你是真没看见,还是假装没看见?” Emma: ‘Lick my hairs~ ’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Don’t ...

Photo – A Good Place for Sleep / 一个睡觉的好地方

19. December 2016 Photo 0
Emma: ‘I found another good place for sleep. ’ Emma:“发现了一个睡觉的好地方。” Emma: ‘The design of concave can fix exactly to my whole belly. ’ Emma:“凹线性的设计刚好填满整个肚皮。” Emma: ‘The sight of the surrounding area is also excellent. ’ Emma:“四周的视线也很好。” Emma: ‘It’s really a nice place for sleep. ’ Emma:“真是一个睡觉的好地方。” Emma: ‘Zzzzzzz… ’ Emma:“Zzzzzzz……”

Photo – Let’s Play Together / 一起玩

15. December 2016 Photo 0
Emma: ‘Hi, Little Turtle. ’ Emma:“Hi,小龟。” Emma: ‘Come on, let’s play together. ’ Emma:“来,一起玩吧。” Emma: ‘Bite! ’ Emma:“咬!” Emma: ‘Bite Strongly! ’ Emma:“使劲咬!” Emma: ‘Bite and kick! ’ Emma:“边咬边踹!” Emma: ‘Get tired of playing… ’ Emma:“玩腻了……” Emma: ‘Hey! Big Clumsy Cat, let’s play together! ’ Emma:“嘿!大笨猫,一起来玩吧!” Emma: ‘Pass it to you, catch it! ’ Emma:“传给你,接着!” ...

Photo – Why Do You Keep Looking at Me? / 为什么你一直在看我?

06. December 2016 Photo 0
Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma is looking at me. ’ 大笨猫:“Emma在看我。” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma is still looking at me. ’ 大笨猫:“Emma还在看我。” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma keeps looking at me. ’ 大笨猫:“Emma一直在看我。” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, why do you keep looking at me. ’ 大笨猫:“Emma你为什么一直在看我?” Emma: ‘Big Clumsy Cat, you really didn’t wash your face after ...

Photo – A Big Bottom / 一个大屁股

02. December 2016 Photo 0
Emma is looking at the left then the right. Emma左看看右看看。 Emma: ‘Nobody is able to find me! ’ Emma:“没有人会发现我啦!” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Whose big bottom is hidden incompletely~’ 大笨猫:“谁的大屁股没藏好~”

Photo – Two Steps Only / 只能走两步

28. November 2016 Photo 0
Emma: ‘So boring. ’ Emma:“好无聊啊。” Emma: ‘Hey, Big Clumsy Cat, is there something interesting? ’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, there is a mouse! ’ Emma:“嘿,大笨猫,有什么好玩的嘛?” 大笨猫:“Emma,那边有只老鼠哦!” Emma: ‘It looks too far. ’ Emma:“看起来好远。” Emma: ‘Try to get…I can’t get it… ’ Emma:“够……够不到……” Emma: ‘Give up. ’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, please could you stand up ...

Photo – Bully Little Turtle / 欺负小龟

19. November 2016 Photo 0
Emma: ‘Isn’t it my…?’ Emma:“那不会是我的……?” Emma: ‘Big Clumsy Cat, it’s mine!’ Emma:“大笨猫,那是我的!” Emma: ‘Give it back to me!’ Emma:“还给我!” Emma: ‘Little Turtle, I can protect you and Big Clumsy Cat can’t bully you any more!’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘I didn’t bully it.’ Emma:“小龟,我保护你,大笨猫不会再欺负你啦!” 大笨猫:“我没欺负它。” Emma: ‘I see, but I will bully it!’ Big Clumsy Cat: ...

Photo – You are Fat / 你胖啦

15. November 2016 Photo 0
Emma’s lovely sleeping pose~ Emma的可爱睡姿~ The dots on Emma’s Belly is very pretty~ Emma肚皮上的斑点很好看哈~ But it seems Emma gets fat a little bit. 不过,感觉Emma有些胖了。 Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Hey, Emma, you are fat! ’ 大笨猫:“嘿,Emma,你胖了!” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘It’s really not my opinion! ’ 大笨猫:“那真的不是我说的!”

Photo – Messy Belly / 乱糟糟的肚皮

11. November 2016 Photo 0
Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma is sleeping. ’ 大笨猫:“Emma睡着了。” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘The fur covering her belly is messy. ’ 大笨猫:“肚皮上的毛好乱。” Emma: ‘What did you just say!!!? ’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘…’ Emma:“你刚才说什么!!!?” 大笨猫:“……”

Photo – May I Come In / 我可以进去吗

07. November 2016 Photo 0
Big Clumsy Cat: ‘What’s outside of the door?’ 大笨猫:“门外好像有什么?” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma?’ 大笨猫:“Emma?” Emma: ‘Big Clumsy Cat, may I come in?☺️’ Emma:“大笨猫,我可以进去吗?☺️”