Photo – Clever Big Clumsy Cat / 聪明的大笨猫

14. October 2018 Photo 0
Emma: ‘Big Clumsy Cat, let’s play a game, guess whether I’m lying down and facing downward or standing up?’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Lie down.’ Emma:“大笨猫,我们玩一个游戏吧,你猜我现在是趴着还是站着?” 大笨猫:“趴着。” Emma: ‘Hey, your answer is wrong.’ Emma:“嘿嘿,你答错了。” Emma: ‘Now I stand up.’ Emma:“我现在是站着的。” Emma: ‘See!’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘…’ Emma:“瞧!” 大笨猫:“……” Emma: ‘This time I ask you a simple ...

Daily 60 Emma Catching Moth / 日常 60 Emma抓蛾子

07. October 2018 Daily, 日常 0
A moth flied into our home and invaded Emma’s airspace. Because it took the advantage of height, Emma who can’t fly had to stay on the ground and lock on it. She followed the moth everywhere hurriedly, from the floor to the rail, for the possibility of catching the moth. But she couldn’t get it, ...

Photo – Don’t Damage Cat Bed / 不要压坏猫窝

30. September 2018 Photo 0
Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Hey, Emma, your sleeping pose…’ 大笨猫:“嘿,Emma,你的睡姿……” Emma: ‘Big Clumsy Cat, what’s up?’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, the way you sleep may damage your bed.’ Emma:“大笨猫,有什么事情吗?” 大笨猫:“Emma,你这样睡,容易压坏你的窝。” Emma: ‘Oh my god! Really?!’ Emma:“天哪!是吗?!” Emma: ‘OK, I change back to use standard sleeping pose.’ Emma:“OK,我还是使用标准睡姿好了。” Emma: ‘Thank you, Big Clumsy Cat.’ Big Clumsy Cat: ...

Photo – Too Big / 太大了

23. September 2018 Photo 0
Emma: ‘Ah, good sunshine today.’ Emma:“啊,今天的阳光真好。” Emma: ‘Enjoy shower of sunshine, it’s very comfortable.’ Emma:“享受下日光浴,好舒服啊。” Emma: ‘Meow, so comfortable!’ Emma:“喵,太舒服啦!” Emma: ‘Big Clumsy Cat, it’s not true that I don’t want to share with you, but you are too big, so… Meow~’ Emma:“大笨猫,不是我不和你分享,只是你实在是太大了,所以……喵~”

Photo – Frog Leg / 青蛙腿

16. September 2018 Photo 0
Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, your…’ 大笨猫:“Emma,你的……” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, your back legs, why…’ 大笨猫:“Emma,你的后腿,怎么……” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Hey, Emma, why do your back legs become frog legs?’ Emma: ‘What are you talking about?’ 大笨猫:“嘿,Emma,你的后腿怎么变成青蛙腿了?” Emma:“你在说什么呀?” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, look at your back legs.’ 大笨猫:“Emma,你看你的后腿。” Emma: ‘What happed to my back leg?’ Big Clumsy ...