Photo – Little Mouse’s Destiny / 小老鼠的命运

15. July 2018 Photo 0
Little Mouse: ‘Good weather today, go out and wander around. Hope I will not meet the clumsy cat.’ 小老鼠:“今天天气不错,出来溜达溜达,希望不要碰到那只笨猫。” Little Mouse: ‘Born to have hard life, bullied by that cat nearly everyday.’ 小老鼠:“生来命苦,几乎每一天都被那只猫欺负。” Little Mouse: ‘Wait, I feel something is coming closer and closer…’ 小老鼠:“等一下,我感觉有什么东西正在逼近……” Little Mouse: ‘Oh my god! It’s that clumsy cat!’ 小老鼠:“哦!天哪!是那只笨猫!” ...

Photo – Emma Under Umbrella / 雨伞下的Emma

08. July 2018 Photo 2
Emma: ‘Wow, it’s amusing under it.’ Emma:“哇哦,这下面真有趣。” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Hey, Emma, what are you doing under the umbrella?’ 大笨猫:“嘿,Emma,你待在雨伞下面干什么?” Emma: ‘Big Clumsy Cat, I feel very safe here.’ Emma:“大笨猫,我待在这里感觉很安全。” Emma: ‘Do you want to stay with me under it?’ Emma:“你想和我一起待在这下面吗?” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘No, and you can only stay for a while, I will ...

Photo – Awful Lullaby / 难听的摇篮曲

17. June 2018 Photo 0
Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, I sing a lullaby for you.’ 大笨猫:“Emma,我给你唱一首摇篮曲。” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘♪♫¶♩♪∮♭§♯…’ Emma: ‘Ah! It’s awful!’ 大笨猫:“♪♫¶♩♪∮♭§♯……” Emma:“啊!太难听了!” Emma: ‘Pretend sleeping, then he will stop singing.’ Emma:“假装睡觉,他就不会唱了。” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, are you sleeping?’ 大笨猫:“Emma,你睡着了吗?” Emma: ‘Yes, I am…Oops…’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘…’ Emma:“我睡着了……哎呀……” 大笨猫:“……”

Photo – Is It Cold On The Floor? / 地上冷吗?

10. June 2018 Photo 0
Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, where are you?’ 大笨猫:“Emma,你在哪里?” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Hi, Emma, why are you sleeping on the floor? Don’t you feel it’s very cold there?’ 大笨猫:“嘿,Emma,你怎么睡在地上?你不觉得地上很冷吗?” Emma: ‘…’ Emma:“……” Emma: ‘Oops, it feels very cold.’ Emma:“哎呦,好像真的很冷。” Emma: ‘It’s much more comfortable to sleep on the queen size bed, meow~’ Emma:“还是睡在大床上舒服,喵~” Emma: ‘Well, Big ...