Photo – Sweet Floral Aroma 甜蜜的花香

07. January 2018 Photo 0
Emma: ‘Wow, what’s that?!’ Emma:“哇哦,那是什么?!” Emma: ‘Wow, it’s really pretty!’ Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Emma, what do you see?’ Emma:“哇哦,真的好美啊!” 大笨猫:“Emma,你看到了什么?” Emma: ‘Big Clumsy Cat, did you see it? There are lots of flowers on the tree and I can smell their aroma.’ Emma:“大笨猫,你看到了吗?树上开满了花,我都闻到了花香。” This is the blooming tree seen by Emma, but why I did ...

Photo – Forget To Look At The Middle 忘了看中间

31. December 2017 Photo 0
Emma: ‘Look at the left…’ Emma:“左看看……” Emma: ‘Look at the right…’ Emma:“右看看……” Emma: ‘No danger, relax to sleep.’ Emma:“没问题,可以安心睡觉了。” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Quietly…’ 大笨猫:“悄悄的……” Big Clumsy Cat: ‘Hey, Emma, did I wake you up?’ 大笨猫:“嘿,Emma,我吵醒你了吗?” Emma: ‘Ah! I forgot to look at the middle! Go away, Big Clumsy Cat!’ Emma:“啊!我忘了看中间!走开,大笨猫!”

Photo – Emma Plays With Colorful Paper Strip Emma玩彩纸条

24. December 2017 Photo 0
Here are some photos of Emma when she plays colorful paper strip. It’s very interesting to watch how she aims at the prey, attack quickly and heads into the pile of quilt. Although she leaves only a little paw outside, she doesn’t give up to catch the escaped paper strip. Please enjoy it. 这是几张Emma玩彩纸条的照片,看她瞄准猎物,然后迅速出击,结果一头钻进了被窝,只留着一只小爪在外面,还想去抓已经逃走的纸条,真的好有趣,请欣赏下吧。